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A Conversation about Hazing ~ Tracy Maxwell
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Sunday, September 16, 2012 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
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Fiorella Bellini-Rota (Alpha Phi) studied neuroscience at Lafayette College

Remembering and honoring the memory of Pedro A. Bellini
We seek to raise money for high school students who have lost a parent and therefore need financial support for their first year of college.
Company Overview
Thanks to your support we have been able to give over $18,000 in scholarships to students in the Fairfax County area.
General Information
Scholarship and Application Criteria:

• An application must be submitted by June 11 deadline
• A letter of reference from a high school teacher should be provided.
• Recipients have to commit to attend, participate, and work during the following year’s event.
• The scholarship is for a student(s) who has lost a parent during their high school years and are enrolled in college or a technical institute for the upcoming fall semester
• Scholarship amount varies from year to year
• The scholarship will be disbursed directly to the College/Techinical school.
• The scholarship is for students in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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Fundamental Message to Fraternity and Sorority Life

The four-day bench trial of three former Cornell University fraternity pledges accused of hazing to death 19-year-old George Desdunes wrapped up Thursday. Judge Judith Rossiter admonished the defendants as she began considering a verdict. “Even college boys who are engaging in what they hope is good fun are subject to the same rules of time and death as anyone else.”

‎”As a fraternity man, I’m always astonished by the misunderstanding of fraternities and sororities’ use of Death or its symbols (bones, coffins, or skulls) by people, both inside and outside of our organizations, and this misunderstanding also is prevalent in our cultural symbols. Frequently, Death and its myriad symbols are associated with evil or with the occult.”
Read the Full Story….The Hero’s Journey: The Ordeal

A party theme that isn’t appropriate. A fraternity open to conversations about inclusiveness, cultural learning, and partnership. This is what it means to learn from your mistakes. GREAT story here.

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